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Sister Johnson is home!

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Soaked in Roseville.

“Dear family~ yep! it POURED this week. I have to blowdry my boots every night, even if i had rain boots on they would be soaked. But its fun, the members think we are nuts. They are always trying to give us rides, but they don’t understand that some missions are always like that and none of the missionaries have cars! so really…. its not that big of a deal. But they see us out working every day, so they have been getting more and more enthusiastic about missionary work.

“These things make logical sense, but, that’s not the point. They need to make sense to your spirit because that is what changes in the conversion process. We are our spirit- not our bodies. Our spirit should be the one directing our lives and controlling our actions, not the body. That is where the adversary can swoop in and mess us up, because our spirits know right from wrong, our bodies are the thing that get confused.”

“Anyways, transfers were this week, but we are both staying! thank goodness. I love Moulton. And the other sisters in our zone, we have a lot of fun. We have so much good stuff going on here! i love this place.”



1/27/14 Quote from Sarah’s letter “The next day we finally got to move into our apartment- that elders had previously lived in… the mission president made them come back from their areas to clean the disaster. it has been cleaned twice,they got us new furnishings and new carpet… and we are going to clean it again haha but we love it. its literally right across the street from our church, so that is super convenient. We got everything moved in, set  up, and mostly unpacked that day- a good time to realize how much we have acquired on our missions hahaha…… not fun when we have to move everything alone. but we got it done and also got our bikes set and ready to go!”


Aloha fam-

So roseville is GREAT. It is just like Highland- so its a little less “city” than i let on, but in comparison to my other areas i feel like i’m in New York. We can walk to a grocery store AND walgreens- thats crazy to me 🙂 I love biking- I’ve only fallen off a few times hahaha but the exercise is great. people always try to offer us rides but we say ” no!! we need a challenge” haha the other day we biked almost 10 miles to get to dinner.

Transfers and Bikes.

Sarah was transferred today to the City of Roseville.  After serving in far northern California, she is on her way to the City.   She will be right by the Mission home and will be riding a bike.  I think she is excited for the change, and pretty sure she has been wanting to ride her bike.  It will probably be hard to do in a skirt, but I am sure she isn’t worried about that.  A new mission president was called to her mission, but that transition won’t be until this summer.  She said she will miss all the people in her area, but I think she loves new adventures.  Stay tuned for pics from Sister Johnson.

Jan 2014

Aloha everyone,
This week has been crazy! First of all, we had a baptism on Saturday! Our mission president asked us to   teach the restoration at each baptism while they are changing their clothes, so this was our first attempt doing that. I haven't felt the spirit that strongly in a long time. I don't think anyone walking out of that baptism could say they didn't feel something. And it rained for the first time in months, which is a miracle because of the draught we are in. It was a day to remember :) On Wednesday we went on splits with 
the young women, I took the beehives ( all 3 of them... It's a different world out here ) and
their leaders. So naturally we are crashing yw this week. I have a feeling I'll be biking in my next area... Which transfers are next week, so stay posted.
Love you all stay warm
-sister johnson

Christmas and IPods! 2013

Dear family, 
Guess where I am emailing from!? My bed! With an iPad! That is all mine to use for the rest of my mission. Crazy right? We are able to use it for our area book, planner, and we have access to the whole gospel library! We can use all sorts of stuff now for our lessons and studying. It is a missionaries dream! We are so blessed.
So this past week we had our iPad conference where we were surprised to receive our new devices ( merry Christmas to us) and learned all about them and how much easier they would make our lives. We are one of 14 missions in the world with iPads, and they are still working out the kinks, we have to fill out a survey every week talking about Facebook and our tablets, hopefully future missionaries will be benefitted by our learning experiences. The app for area book and planner is really well developed. -sister Johnson 


We have a big week this week- we are getting ipads and having a special conference for that and a Christmas devotional that Sister Strickland and i have been asked to sing at- hopefully my lungs will hold out this time, we will see! But this is the 4th time i’ve gotten to sing at something like this- the mission president will be sick of hearing from me by the time i leave the mission i’m sure, but i’m so grateful for the chance that it gives me to work on my talents and follow in dads footsteps 🙂 glad to hear that the Cchristmas concert was fun- it looks like it was awesome. Lots of rehearsal i’m sure- but i can’t imagine the impact it has on people there! I’ll tell everyone to watch the rebroadcast, i think they will really like it. Thanks for sending presents- it will be strange not being home. We will probably have to proselyte on Christmas day too- the work never stops! thanks for all the love and support.

– Sister Johnson

Thanksgiving and Hives.

“Aloha everyone!
It is just barely starting to feel like October in Utah here, and it is December! Thanksgiving was good, we helped make pumpkin pie and some other stuff, but everywhere else we went we just ate, and ate, and ate! in the period of 3 days we had 5 dinners!  On Friday night we got home and Sister Strickland was covered in hives! We have no idea what from, luckily her companion knows what to do and we live with a nurse! We gave her Benadryl and zyrtec, and I had my epi-pen ready to go just case. Of course I got no sleep because I was watching her breathing all night, and she was crazy from Benadryl the next day, so we were quite the exhausted pair. We finally got ourselves together and left the house!”

A shed and some salsa

Aloha everyone 🙂
Well, this past Sunday we were asked to sing in church.  We went over on Saturday to do some service, a family  needed help taking down their pool and building a shed. There was no way they could have gotten the pieces of the shed off the truck without us, so we were glad we could help. After we got everything unloaded and taken down, Brother Starr showed us how to make his “world famous” salsa! IT IS SO GOOD. My job was to cut all the peppers ( if its hot, it got put in there) and to take out all the seeds and veins so that we didn’t die when we ate it. Since apparently I’m an idiot and didn’t realize that my hands would burn for days after the fact, I scooped everything out with my hands. There were so many peppers that by the time I was done cutting them open we were all coughing and crying because the air was full of pepper juice! My nail beds still burn like crazy hahahaha but it was worth it.
Love you all!
DSCF7557 sarah1118

Pumpkins and Baptism

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“Aloha family! So.. I love my companion, she is the best. She is so patient and loving, I definitely needed her right now!”

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