Sarah called this morning from the airport.  They are on their way out to Roseville.  She said  there are around 38 missionaries that are on the same plane.  She said that they are quite the spectacle.  They were the first set of missionaries to take the FrontRunner and their luggage, switching to Trax downtown.  She had an amazing time in the MTC and has lots of great stories to tell.  She loves her companion sister Osborne.  She is from Cache Valley, Utah.  They will arrive this afternoon in California, and the mission home is waiting for them.  This is the largest group the mission home has ever received.  They said that the average was about 6 to 8 missionaries.  She has a bike there waiting for her, and will have fun trying to ride in a skirt.  It is possible from the announcement on Sunday, that she may be able to use a computer for her mission.  It may happen while she is serving.  Possibly within the next year.  She says hi to everyone, and misses you all.