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July 29th

Quote from her letter, “Dear Family~ I have so many stories to tell! I don’t even know where to begin. There are so many small miracles that happen every day it is hard to keep track of them all. Something that i have been thinking about this past week was following up with miracles. As our zone has been fasting and praying for the miracle of 50 baptisms, we have been reaping the blessings of our efforts, but i’m not sure if we are all acting on every miracle we see. Heavenly Father will always give us blessings if he knows we will act on them. But if we ignore the promptings leading us there, or if we witness a miracle and simply let the opportunity slip past we will stop noticing those miracles. We have to act! All we have to do is follow the spirit, and souls will be saved. We just had our fireside last night for the antelope ward, and it was incredible to see a simple idea turn into something that could change the face of missionary work in the area forever. Just a few weeks ago i told sister Elliott that i thought this might be a good idea, and that it might help the members get involved with the new wave of missionary work! We told our ward mission leader, Brother Mercer, about it and got the elders involved and everyone was excited! I couldn’t believe it. Brother Mercer was so helpful in planning and getting everything together! (Sister Elliott and I, being the control freaks that we are, really had to pray for patience to let the men plan this thing! haha) The bishop, brother mercer, the elders quorum president, and us missionaries spoke. about a third of the ward showed up! YAY!!!!!!!!! i was so worried that no one would come! we talked about the new missionary web site “hastening the work” and how important member involvement is in the work of salvation! I have been amazed at how many people didn’t see the missionary broadcast, it is so important that everyone does. CHALLENGE 🙂 Visit this website! Share it with everyone! There are so many amazing videos and quotes there that can help you all as members to understand how to teach, when to teach, and WHY we need to teach. We are all missionaries working together, name tag or not. Spread the word 🙂
I love all the pictures! Thanks so much for all the love and support, i can feel your prayers give me strength every day. This work is amazing, i wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.
Love you all!


Quote from her letter: “So this last week we went to visit a less active family, and as we were walking up the street i felt prompted to knock a house. We did so and met a man named burt, who conveniently was beginning a search into christianity…. cooincidence? i think not! HOW COOL! SO we talked with him for a long time, and i straight up invited him to church right then and there! He said he would love to! We reffered him to the elders, but that was crazy to see happen. Things like that happen all the time! Its hard though driving all the time, we have to go out of our way to put ourselves in situations like that so that we can feel those promptings!”

Life in Red Bluff

Sister Johnson is having a really successful time in Red Bluff. Her and her companion, Sister Elliott, are making a lot of contacts and teaching lessons. Sarah says, “I love being a missionary, I see miracles happen every day. None of them are small to me, because I know that all these things are happening for a reason. I have seen the angels around me, helping me with the work. These people have been waiting for a happy couple of Sister missionaries, and they needed us badly.”

Sister Elliott is a singer, too, so you can imagine the music coming from their house. Everyone knows they love to sing, so they are asked to sing every where they go.
“Another amazing story from this week was when one of our favorite couples from the ward had us over for dinner and we sang for them after our dinner thought. A few days later sister Tyler and her Husband called us to see if we would be willing to sing for their friend who lived next door ( they live in these cute trailers that are really nice inside, like a really nice trailer park for old people. must be a california thing haha) So we went, and we met Mary, who is probably around 80 years old. As soon as we walked into her home i knew the spirit was very strong in her life. There were pictures of Christ everywhere, and she just radiated with the spirit 🙂 She is new to the area and hasn’t heard much about our church, but we just wanted to sing for her. We sang three hymns, one of which was Joseph smiths first prayer…. she just cried the whole time and smiled at us 🙂 She said afterwards ” i don’t know if you folks believe in the Holy Ghost, but i sure do. And he is here right now telling me that you two are angels sent just for me.” I about fell off the couch! All of us just started to cry. Sister Tyler is amazing, and she just nodded and smiled at us and Mary…… So i took the opportunity then to ask her if we could return and teach her some of what else believe… She couldn’t have been more enthusiastic 🙂 I can’t wait to see her again.”


July 4th


Sister Johnson and Sister Elliott

Quote from her letter, “She said afterwards ‘I don’t know if you folks believe in the Holy Ghost, but i sure do. And he is here right now telling me that you two are angels sent just for me’.”

Sarah says it is about 119 degrees in Red Bluff right now.  Her first area is pretty far away from the mission home and covers a lot of area so she gets to drive a truck.  She will probably ride her bike when she’s transferred to the more populated areas.  She is in the second area furthest from the mission home she can get.  She loves her trainer, Sister Elliott.  She is from Springville, Utah, and they are a lot alike.  They are living in a house and she loves it.  a quote from her letter, ” We have had dinner with a ton of members, no reactions whatsoever :), and they say that they have been starved for sister missionaries for years!”

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