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"Krissy was more than excited. she is so cute. I have loved
getting to know her, and watching her transformation process has been
incredible. She has become more confident and outgoing with every
visit we've had with her.
So we are busy busy busy! There isn't a moment to breath. I find
myself past out on the carpet when sister elliott leaves me alone for
2 seconds.... I'm suprised I don't have permanent carpet marks on my
face haha
Thank you for all of your love and support! I can feel strength from
your prayers every day. Love you all :)
- Sister Johnson"

Baptism August

Quote from Sarah’s letter, “These next few weeks we have 5 people getting baptized! We got to participate in the Elder’s baptism this past Saturday, of course they made us sing, and we will have one every week this month! Our ward is so excited. Before now they had only 1 baptism this year. It really is amazing. “


Quote from Sarah’s Letter: “I had gotten a pin for my backpack last week that was hot pink and said “Jesus Christ is the bridge over troubled waters” and i felt like i needed to give it to Reese…. and after a few moments of arguing with the Holy Ghost I gave up and gave Reese the pin. He absolutely loved it. I may never see him again, but i hope that he will keep that pin and always remember the spirit that he felt there while we talked with him.

Miracles are everywhere, i can’t even keep up. I know that i am in the Lord’s hands, and that this is truly his work. He is always with us, and He will always help us if we allow him to.
-Love always,


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California Roseville Mission

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