Sarah says, “Its above 100 degrees out here again. People say that it rains sometimes in the winter….. but i’ll have to see that to believe it! I really am SO grateful we have a car. I don’t know how the Red Bluff Elders bike outside every day…and their progress record is always overflowing with people they saw. Yesterday we went to meet an investigator they picked up for us and we found out that they had mowed her lawn…. in their proselyting clothes. In the middle of the day. Pretty much they make us feel like pansies….. if we weren’t teaching upwards of 30 lessons a week i would definitely feel diminished by their awesome missionary skills.

The more research you do the more you find out that this really is the truth. I think that is something people are always shocked about. That we are willing to answer any questions they have and tell them to research everything as much as they want. They always love the Intro to the Book of Mormon, and say that they have never seen anything like that, being invited to read it for themselves. There are so many Christians here in Red Bluff, we are finding people who have the same core beliefs that we do! Its really amazing.

 I really love the people we are teaching…. it has been hard to see a lot of them turn away this awesome gift…. the opportunity for joy and peace is staring them straight in the face.. Even though it is simply coming from a couple of frizzy-haired girls who can’t stop smiling when they talk…. you would think that people would take their salvation more seriously! Well. we will keep praying that they will 🙂

Thanks for all you love and prayers!
– Sister Johnson
– P.S. Miggy is getting baptized this saturday!”