After a trip to the hospital last week, Sarah says goodbye to Red Bluff.

“It was from a roll, and Sister Curtis (who was in the mtc with me) was on an exchange with me.  We were up in Anderson, and miraculously the epi pen lasted like 30 minutes! So we drove to the nearest hospital, which we had no idea where it was, and got there in plenty of time. ( thank you holy ghost) i was out of the emergency room in 2 hours, and after a long night’s sleep, I was fine! Crazy! So that was a blessing.”

On Sept 15th, Sister Johnson was transferred to Oroville, California.

” I’m getting transferred to Oroville! Whoohoo! Super excited. I can’t believe that i’m going out of my first area already! Can’t wait to see what Oroville has in store, my companion’s name is Sister Benali, she is Navajo. Can’t wait to meet her and love her to pieces

Love you all!