Sarah is in Oroville and loves it, of course.  Sounds like she has a great companion and good place to live.

“It’s no small coincidence that Bishop gave a 5th sunday lesson about rescuing the lost sheep around us. He talked about Luke 5, Jacob5, and President Monsons message this month in the Ensign. He talked about the parables and really helped me learn a lot from them that I never noticed before. I learned that it really is true that we won’t be blessed further if we don’t appreciate the blessings which we have been given. Especially in regards to the work of salvation. If we truly don’t understand the worth of souls,  whether they be active, inactive, or not a member, we won’t be blessed with finding the people who truly want to hear this message”

“The ward here is awesome, I hope i can stay here for a while. But if Benally gets transferred i’m probably going to get lost all the time! the roads here are crazy! haha you should look on google maps street view, its nothing but trees! “

Love you lots

-Sister Johnson