Dear Family and friends~ There were a lot of wonderful things that happened this week here as far as missionary work goes, but I don’t feel I need to share any of them with you. The past few days have been full of emotions I have never felt, and have forced me to rely on my Savior on a level I never imagined. My thoughts have been stuck on the fact that I am so incredibly grateful for this gospel. Knowing that my dear friends back home are being taken care of not only by those on this side of the veil, but by hundreds of others who are unseen. I know without a doubt that Christ lives, and that He can help us lift the burdens which we carry, He doesn’t want us to suffer alone. Although it has been hard to be here seemingly alone and without those I love, I have had the privilege of relying on Christ. When no one else can be there, He always will be. I know that this gospel can heal even the deepest wounds and help us look forward to a brighter tomorrow. My heart is aching, but to quote Nephi who was well aquainted with grief…”I know in whom I have trusted” and in whom I can rely. My heart is with all of you, You are always in my prayers
Love, Sarahlizd