Aloha everyone 🙂
Well, this past Sunday we were asked to sing in church.  We went over on Saturday to do some service, a family  needed help taking down their pool and building a shed. There was no way they could have gotten the pieces of the shed off the truck without us, so we were glad we could help. After we got everything unloaded and taken down, Brother Starr showed us how to make his “world famous” salsa! IT IS SO GOOD. My job was to cut all the peppers ( if its hot, it got put in there) and to take out all the seeds and veins so that we didn’t die when we ate it. Since apparently I’m an idiot and didn’t realize that my hands would burn for days after the fact, I scooped everything out with my hands. There were so many peppers that by the time I was done cutting them open we were all coughing and crying because the air was full of pepper juice! My nail beds still burn like crazy hahahaha but it was worth it.
Love you all!
DSCF7557 sarah1118