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Christmas and IPods! 2013

Dear family, 
Guess where I am emailing from!? My bed! With an iPad! That is all mine to use for the rest of my mission. Crazy right? We are able to use it for our area book, planner, and we have access to the whole gospel library! We can use all sorts of stuff now for our lessons and studying. It is a missionaries dream! We are so blessed.
So this past week we had our iPad conference where we were surprised to receive our new devices ( merry Christmas to us) and learned all about them and how much easier they would make our lives. We are one of 14 missions in the world with iPads, and they are still working out the kinks, we have to fill out a survey every week talking about Facebook and our tablets, hopefully future missionaries will be benefitted by our learning experiences. The app for area book and planner is really well developed. -sister Johnson 


We have a big week this week- we are getting ipads and having a special conference for that and a Christmas devotional that Sister Strickland and i have been asked to sing at- hopefully my lungs will hold out this time, we will see! But this is the 4th time i’ve gotten to sing at something like this- the mission president will be sick of hearing from me by the time i leave the mission i’m sure, but i’m so grateful for the chance that it gives me to work on my talents and follow in dads footsteps 🙂 glad to hear that the Cchristmas concert was fun- it looks like it was awesome. Lots of rehearsal i’m sure- but i can’t imagine the impact it has on people there! I’ll tell everyone to watch the rebroadcast, i think they will really like it. Thanks for sending presents- it will be strange not being home. We will probably have to proselyte on Christmas day too- the work never stops! thanks for all the love and support.

– Sister Johnson

Thanksgiving and Hives.

“Aloha everyone!
It is just barely starting to feel like October in Utah here, and it is December! Thanksgiving was good, we helped make pumpkin pie and some other stuff, but everywhere else we went we just ate, and ate, and ate! in the period of 3 days we had 5 dinners!  On Friday night we got home and Sister Strickland was covered in hives! We have no idea what from, luckily her companion knows what to do and we live with a nurse! We gave her Benadryl and zyrtec, and I had my epi-pen ready to go just case. Of course I got no sleep because I was watching her breathing all night, and she was crazy from Benadryl the next day, so we were quite the exhausted pair. We finally got ourselves together and left the house!”
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