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Transfers and Bikes.

Sarah was transferred today to the City of Roseville.  After serving in far northern California, she is on her way to the City.   She will be right by the Mission home and will be riding a bike.  I think she is excited for the change, and pretty sure she has been wanting to ride her bike.  It will probably be hard to do in a skirt, but I am sure she isn’t worried about that.  A new mission president was called to her mission, but that transition won’t be until this summer.  She said she will miss all the people in her area, but I think she loves new adventures.  Stay tuned for pics from Sister Johnson.


Jan 2014

Aloha everyone,
This week has been crazy! First of all, we had a baptism on Saturday! Our mission president asked us to   teach the restoration at each baptism while they are changing their clothes, so this was our first attempt doing that. I haven't felt the spirit that strongly in a long time. I don't think anyone walking out of that baptism could say they didn't feel something. And it rained for the first time in months, which is a miracle because of the draught we are in. It was a day to remember :) On Wednesday we went on splits with 
the young women, I took the beehives ( all 3 of them... It's a different world out here ) and
their leaders. So naturally we are crashing yw this week. I have a feeling I'll be biking in my next area... Which transfers are next week, so stay posted.
Love you all stay warm
-sister johnson

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