1/27/14 Quote from Sarah’s letter “The next day we finally got to move into our apartment- that elders had previously lived in… the mission president made them come back from their areas to clean the disaster. it has been cleaned twice,they got us new furnishings and new carpet… and we are going to clean it again haha but we love it. its literally right across the street from our church, so that is super convenient. We got everything moved in, set  up, and mostly unpacked that day- a good time to realize how much we have acquired on our missions hahaha…… not fun when we have to move everything alone. but we got it done and also got our bikes set and ready to go!”


Aloha fam-

So roseville is GREAT. It is just like Highland- so its a little less “city” than i let on, but in comparison to my other areas i feel like i’m in New York. We can walk to a grocery store AND walgreens- thats crazy to me 🙂 I love biking- I’ve only fallen off a few times hahaha but the exercise is great. people always try to offer us rides but we say ” no!! we need a challenge” haha the other day we biked almost 10 miles to get to dinner.