“Dear family~ yep! it POURED this week. I have to blowdry my boots every night, even if i had rain boots on they would be soaked. But its fun, the members think we are nuts. They are always trying to give us rides, but they don’t understand that some missions are always like that and none of the missionaries have cars! so really…. its not that big of a deal. But they see us out working every day, so they have been getting more and more enthusiastic about missionary work.

“These things make logical sense, but, that’s not the point. They need to make sense to your spirit because that is what changes in the conversion process. We are our spirit- not our bodies. Our spirit should be the one directing our lives and controlling our actions, not the body. That is where the adversary can swoop in and mess us up, because our spirits know right from wrong, our bodies are the thing that get confused.”

“Anyways, transfers were this week, but we are both staying! thank goodness. I love Moulton. And the other sisters in our zone, we have a lot of fun. We have so much good stuff going on here! i love this place.”