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Nov 3

Sister Johnson is still in Oroville.  She got a new companion this week.  She was sad to see Sister Benally go, but she really loves her new companion, too.  She sounds like a good match for her.  Can’t wait to meet her some day.

“We are still doing a lot of reactivation work, but our less-actives are really progressing! Sister Strickland is super fun and loves to sing.  So I’m excited for this transfer with her! it will be great! Lots of love from Oroville! – sister johnson”


Remembering Liz

Dear Family and friends~ There were a lot of wonderful things that happened this week here as far as missionary work goes, but I don’t feel I need to share any of them with you. The past few days have been full of emotions I have never felt, and have forced me to rely on my Savior on a level I never imagined. My thoughts have been stuck on the fact that I am so incredibly grateful for this gospel. Knowing that my dear friends back home are being taken care of not only by those on this side of the veil, but by hundreds of others who are unseen. I know without a doubt that Christ lives, and that He can help us lift the burdens which we carry, He doesn’t want us to suffer alone. Although it has been hard to be here seemingly alone and without those I love, I have had the privilege of relying on Christ. When no one else can be there, He always will be. I know that this gospel can heal even the deepest wounds and help us look forward to a brighter tomorrow. My heart is aching, but to quote Nephi who was well aquainted with grief…”I know in whom I have trusted” and in whom I can rely. My heart is with all of you, You are always in my prayers
Love, Sarahlizd


Sarah is in Oroville and loves it, of course.  Sounds like she has a great companion and good place to live.

“It’s no small coincidence that Bishop gave a 5th sunday lesson about rescuing the lost sheep around us. He talked about Luke 5, Jacob5, and President Monsons message this month in the Ensign. He talked about the parables and really helped me learn a lot from them that I never noticed before. I learned that it really is true that we won’t be blessed further if we don’t appreciate the blessings which we have been given. Especially in regards to the work of salvation. If we truly don’t understand the worth of souls,  whether they be active, inactive, or not a member, we won’t be blessed with finding the people who truly want to hear this message”

“The ward here is awesome, I hope i can stay here for a while. But if Benally gets transferred i’m probably going to get lost all the time! the roads here are crazy! haha you should look on google maps street view, its nothing but trees! “

Love you lots

-Sister Johnson

sarahbenally sarahhodson sarahmiggy sarahtrainer

Pics:  Sister Johnson and her new companion Sister Benally.

Sister Johnson and Sister Hodgson

Miggy’s Baptism

Saying goodbye to Sister Elliott.

Sister Johnson says, “I LOVE OROVILLE! it is really beautiful, trees and hills everywhere. It is pretty spread out, like a lot of the areas in Red Bluff. My Companion sister Benally is the COOLEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is amazing. She is super chill, and layed back. She reminds me of Kara and Alicia 🙂 Heavenly Father is awesome giving me a companion that i’m pretty much already best friends with! I really love the ward here. The work is in progress, we have a lot to do. We are going to really be focusing on working with the members… that’s the best place to start!”

Soy and Transfers…..

After a trip to the hospital last week, Sarah says goodbye to Red Bluff.

“It was from a roll, and Sister Curtis (who was in the mtc with me) was on an exchange with me.  We were up in Anderson, and miraculously the epi pen lasted like 30 minutes! So we drove to the nearest hospital, which we had no idea where it was, and got there in plenty of time. ( thank you holy ghost) i was out of the emergency room in 2 hours, and after a long night’s sleep, I was fine! Crazy! So that was a blessing.”

On Sept 15th, Sister Johnson was transferred to Oroville, California.

” I’m getting transferred to Oroville! Whoohoo! Super excited. I can’t believe that i’m going out of my first area already! Can’t wait to see what Oroville has in store, my companion’s name is Sister Benali, she is Navajo. Can’t wait to meet her and love her to pieces

Love you all!

Still Hot in Red Bluff

Sarah says, “Its above 100 degrees out here again. People say that it rains sometimes in the winter….. but i’ll have to see that to believe it! I really am SO grateful we have a car. I don’t know how the Red Bluff Elders bike outside every day…and their progress record is always overflowing with people they saw. Yesterday we went to meet an investigator they picked up for us and we found out that they had mowed her lawn…. in their proselyting clothes. In the middle of the day. Pretty much they make us feel like pansies….. if we weren’t teaching upwards of 30 lessons a week i would definitely feel diminished by their awesome missionary skills.

The more research you do the more you find out that this really is the truth. I think that is something people are always shocked about. That we are willing to answer any questions they have and tell them to research everything as much as they want. They always love the Intro to the Book of Mormon, and say that they have never seen anything like that, being invited to read it for themselves. There are so many Christians here in Red Bluff, we are finding people who have the same core beliefs that we do! Its really amazing.

 I really love the people we are teaching…. it has been hard to see a lot of them turn away this awesome gift…. the opportunity for joy and peace is staring them straight in the face.. Even though it is simply coming from a couple of frizzy-haired girls who can’t stop smiling when they talk…. you would think that people would take their salvation more seriously! Well. we will keep praying that they will 🙂

Thanks for all you love and prayers!
– Sister Johnson
– P.S. Miggy is getting baptized this saturday!”


Sarah says, “It is easy to forget sometimes that this is my time! ” Its a miracle” by Niel L. Anderson really sums it up, this is a miraculous time to be living and to be serving as a missionary, especially because guess who gets to use facebook!!!!!??? WE do! We are one of 12 missions in the world testing this out, and president has asked that only Zone leaders and sister training leaders try it first.  We will be able to post things and stuff but i can’t chat with anyone or send messages to family and friends, so that rule still applies. If anyone wants to talk to me they can write or email me, but i can’t talk to them on facebook. I am so excited! “




"Krissy was more than excited. she is so cute. I have loved
getting to know her, and watching her transformation process has been
incredible. She has become more confident and outgoing with every
visit we've had with her.
So we are busy busy busy! There isn't a moment to breath. I find
myself past out on the carpet when sister elliott leaves me alone for
2 seconds.... I'm suprised I don't have permanent carpet marks on my
face haha
Thank you for all of your love and support! I can feel strength from
your prayers every day. Love you all :)
- Sister Johnson"

Baptism August

Quote from Sarah’s letter, “These next few weeks we have 5 people getting baptized! We got to participate in the Elder’s baptism this past Saturday, of course they made us sing, and we will have one every week this month! Our ward is so excited. Before now they had only 1 baptism this year. It really is amazing. “


Quote from Sarah’s Letter: “I had gotten a pin for my backpack last week that was hot pink and said “Jesus Christ is the bridge over troubled waters” and i felt like i needed to give it to Reese…. and after a few moments of arguing with the Holy Ghost I gave up and gave Reese the pin. He absolutely loved it. I may never see him again, but i hope that he will keep that pin and always remember the spirit that he felt there while we talked with him.

Miracles are everywhere, i can’t even keep up. I know that i am in the Lord’s hands, and that this is truly his work. He is always with us, and He will always help us if we allow him to.
-Love always,


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