We have a big week this week- we are getting ipads and having a special conference for that and a Christmas devotional that Sister Strickland and i have been asked to sing at- hopefully my lungs will hold out this time, we will see! But this is the 4th time i’ve gotten to sing at something like this- the mission president will be sick of hearing from me by the time i leave the mission i’m sure, but i’m so grateful for the chance that it gives me to work on my talents and follow in dads footsteps 🙂 glad to hear that the Cchristmas concert was fun- it looks like it was awesome. Lots of rehearsal i’m sure- but i can’t imagine the impact it has on people there! I’ll tell everyone to watch the rebroadcast, i think they will really like it. Thanks for sending presents- it will be strange not being home. We will probably have to proselyte on Christmas day too- the work never stops! thanks for all the love and support.

– Sister Johnson